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JUBILAT says good-bye

Thank you, thanks to everyone for whom poetry makes places for thought and feeling to mingle uninhibited, thru the years, jubilat's editors and readers have found themselves lucky to be surrounded by new writing and writers, and artists of every kind, and their eclectic and unpredictable work including graphic, lyric, prose and poetry, interviews, found, ancient, unnameable and inspirational pieces. We’ve been lucky to have been supported by jubilat's original publisher and editors, Rob Casper, Christian Hawkey, Michael Teig and Kelly Le Fave, and to have been welcomed by the University of Massachusetts Amherst's College of Humanities and Fine Arts with office space and support for the wonderful Managing Editors; Lisa Olstein, Jedediah Berry, Jessica Fjeld, Anne Holmes, Shannon Burns, Halie Theoharides, and Michael Medeiros. We’ve been lucky for past and present editors, Jen Bervin, Terrance Hayes, Evie Shockley, Cathy Park Hong, Kevin Gonzalez, Caryl Pagel, and Emily Pettit, all of whom brought their artfulness, knowledge and spirits to every issue. We’ve been lucky to have had the talents and goodwill of many assistant, special features and special issue and design editors; among them Heather Christle, Francesca Chabrier, Ted Powers, Jon Ruseski, John Goodhue, Jack Chelgren, Jesse Riley, Leah Barber, Mary Austin Speaker, Guy Pettit, Emilie Mendel, Emily Hunerwadel, Amanda Dahill-Moore, Laura Marshall, Cleo Abramian, David Richardson, Emelie Menzel, Nellie Prior, Juleen Eun Sun Johnson, Arda Collins, Colin Drohan, and Lauren Haldeman; joined by countless volunteers, editors-at-large and various contributors, donors, readers, subscribers, production staffs, proofreaders, artists in every way.  For many poets jubilat provided first print publication, for many others a good place to see their work reach jubilat's faithful readers; saying a bittersweet goodbye to jubilat and saying hello, welcome, and best of luck to all who continue to support, read and make places where literary arts and art thrive.

with thanks to all, and on behalf of everyone involved from beginning to end,

Caryl Pagel, Emily Pettit

Dara Wier